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Artist Statement

Acrilic Paints
Watercolor Painting

I am wife, homemaker, artist and poet who is a disciple of Jesus Christ. My goal is to allow every action in my life to be an act of devotion, gratitude and worship to God. My faith in God is the most central part of my life and influences everything I do.

For my art, I am greatly inspired by God as the Creator. His marvelous, diverse and perfect creations fill me with awe and wonder. My upbringing in California and frequent visits to Hawaii guide my content greatly. I have recently added in elements on Colorado and India as well due to my current home and occasional visits to my husband's home. Free flowing landscapes and simple organic portraits are the main focus of my content. I love how simply varying the quality of a line I can communicate a lot of emotion. Intuitive pattern work is not only soothing for me as a creator but creates something that the viewing eye enjoys to look at. My aim is to create an image that evokes feelings of nostalgia, joy, comfort, awe and grace. While I do use references to get generalized shapes and values, I allow the feeling I want to evoke to dictate the pattern and line work. 

When it comes to mediums, I am most proficient in ink drawing. I often add watercolor to these ink drawings. I have also been exploring the world of gouache and acrylics. 

Currently, I am working on a book of poems with a few paintings focused on the theme of Doorways in the home, in life, in the heart and the soul.

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