About Holly

Acrilic Paints
Acrilic Paints

I have always had a love for making and creating. My brain naturally thinks in a visual language of color, shape, line and texture. My art and art teaching is greatly inspired by my travels around the world, my faith and a sense of childlike joy and wonder for the world around me. I do my best work when I allow my inner child to play and experiment, my inner teen to dream and my adult self to just buckle down and do the work.

The content of my work focuses a great deal on a combination of memories, imagination and emotion. What this means is I focus more on how a landscape or a person feels and less on how it actually looks. Even when I use reference images, I let my imagination play around with the lines, forms and colors so the end result communicates a feeling.

I am greatly inspired by God as a creator and inspired by all of God's creation around me. There are so many people, plants, animals, cultures, traditions and languages. This wealth of diversity in creation excites and inspires me and fills me with wonder. A large part of my inspiration is direct experience with cultures, especially India and Ghana where I lived.

When it comes to media, I enjoy exploring many forms of media all for different reasons. My core media are drawing and painting. Drawing feels like home probably because I have been doing it for so long. Ink and paper is my most fluent art language. Painting is meditative and fluid, always shifting. In either medium, I explore how light effects color and form. I am continually trying to simplify my images down to their most basic values while still communicating a clear feeling. 

Artwork that has inspired me throughout my life consists of traditional Thai mural paintings (which I grew up with in my home), traditional Japanese and Chinese ink drawing, ancient Egyptian art, Thai Buddhist temple artwork, Hindu temple artwork and Catholic cathedral artwork. With all of these art forms, they tend to be simple in the forms they represent, but complex in stories and narrative. I spent hours as a kid looking at these different art forms making up stories between all the characters in the scene. 

My current goal is to get used to sharing my work with others as I am inherently shy by nature and could easily live as a hermit provided I had enough food and art supplies.