The Full Story


Holly Manohar studied Intercultural Relations, Anthropology, Meditation, Yoga and Art. She traveled extensively through South Asia, and married into the vibrant Tamizh culture of South Inida. She completed her degree in Art and her 200 hr Yoga Certification in 2017 and 2018 respectively. After doing some commissioned illustration work and mural work, she returned to doing her own artwork with ink and watercolor.

She now lives in Cortez, Colorado while still frequently traveling with her husband to India, Hawaii, East Africa and Central America. Her artwork features emotionally sensitive line work, a playful and expressive use of color. The themes of her work are deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy and meditation. Each piece is like its own meditation.


To connect with the Creator, creation (in all its forms), community and self through the medium of visual expression.


  • To create a large collection of visual art pieces with the goal of expressing the beautiful agony of the impermanence of nature and the eternal life force with in all living things.

  • To create a community of mindful artists who are educated in meditation philosophy and art theory through online and in person courses.

  • To create a space for regular mediation and art practice.

  • To learn how to make paper from natural fibers and ink from natural sources.

  • To publish one of my poetry collections with illustrations.