• Holly Manohar

Butterfly Moments

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California where the monarch butterflies migrate part of the year. When I was really little, my Mom took me to Natural Bridges where there is a forest where the butterflies like to hang out. Most of the butterflies hang in what looks like giant grape clusters. They hold onto one another and the top part of the cluster hold onto the branch.

Some of the butterflies were out flying around. They looked so beautiful! Bright orange against dark green. When the sun touched their wings, they glowed.

I tried to chase the butterflies hoping I could touch one. My Mom stopped me and told me that if I held really still that the butterflies would come to me and maybe land on me. I obeyed. I stood very very still and waited. Slowly, the butterflies started to fly closer to me. Eventually, one butterfly came and landed on my hand. For the first time in my life. I got to see a butterfly up close. I could see how the wings were made up of tiny pigmented scales. I could see the tiny spiraled tongue it used to sip nectar. It was totally awe inspiring to me. Then light as a feather it left, flying away.

This experience taught me a lesson about how the Holy Spirit works. If we have really busy days rushing here and there, running from one thing to the next, the Spirit will not land on us. In order to feel the spirit, we need to make moments of intentional stillness. There needs to be time to sit, to ponder, to simply be still and breathe. It is in those moments, that we can feel the Spirit. When we are still and quiet, we can feel the Spirit's quiet influence and hear it's quiet voice.

For that reason, I try to create moments of intentional stillness and silence in my day. Even in tiny sliver of my day. Sometimes, in the moment, when I get stressed or afraid, I close my eyes and take a moment to breathe and be.

I hope through your week you can make time to be still and breathe. I know it makes a difference.

- Holly Manohar

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