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Light of the World

God, being the master of all arts and sciences, created a beautiful poetry for this season. True, Jesus Christ wasn't born in the northern hemisphere's winter, but the fact that we celebrate it during the northern hemisphere's winter is actually very fitting and I will explain why.

The earth is slightly tilted on an axis. This axis creates seasons so that the earth is never too hot or too cold, thus is life sustaining. This axis also means that during the summer in the northern hemisphere the days lengthen and in the winter, the days shorten. The sun never moves. The sun never changes. It is out position in relationship to the sun that determines how much light and warmth we experience.

On a personal level, there is a poetry here about how God never changes, he is the same yesterday today and forever. We are the ones who change. It is our position in relationship to God that determines how much warmth and light we receive.

On a collective level, there is another level of poetry. As a collective human family, we fell from the presence of God, like the earth tilting away from the sun creating snowy dark wintery night. We could not bring ourselves back to the presence of God on our own. None of us could dispel the spiritual darkness we had created. None of us could make a light that would change the night to day. So God sent his Only Begotten Son. Jesus came as the light of the world to dispel the darkness and change the night to day.

It is only fitting that we celebrate his birth soon after the winter solstice when the days start to lengthen again and the earth starts to tilt back toward the sun. The long awaited birth of Christ changed everything. Just as more hours of light each day melt away snow, the presence and power of Jesus Christ broke the curse of the fall including spiritual and physical death.

Jesus is the source of all light and truth. He is the light we can use to know the truth of all things. He is the light we hold up to see what is good and what is evil. He is the light that shines within us that cannot be hid.

I am grateful for his promise recorded in scripture that says "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Physical light creates life. It makes the plants grow. Spiritual light also creates life. My life is so much more full with Christ at the center of it. There is more joy, more vitality, more warmth and peace since I gave my life to Christ. Because of him, I can see. Because of him, I can live. He is the light of the world.

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